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Maximum Lifespan - The Graphic Novel

The Cast

- Will Garrett

Will Garrett
Estranged son of Ken Garrett who is hiding out in a Japanese monastery. If he goes home, he risks assassination. If he doesn't, his father will be frozen to death.

- Young Will Garrett

Young Will Garrett
A 'mama's boy' who gives bone marrow donations to his prematurely aging brother, Dominic. He believes his tantrum caused his mother to abandon them.

- Dr Ken Garrett

Dr Ken Garrett
The visionary founder of the Symbiogenesis Corporation. Although his body is riddled with cancer and nearly frozen solid, he still plans on living forever. His Transhuman Project promises immortality to future generations but who will be the first Guinea pig?.

- Lana Pierce

Lana Pierce
Hot-tempered and passionate scientist. She struggles to save her mother by downloading her soul into a freshly cloned body, the so-called Transhuman Project. Dominic sends her to lure Will home; but business becomes pleasure when she meets her soul mate.

- Ruth Pierce

Ruth Pierce
Devout Christian who raised Lana as a single mother. Her artificial kidneys, made by the Prometheus Corporation, have failed and she only wants to die with dignity. Her daughter isn't ready to say goodbye but it may be too late to make any difference.

- Dominic Garrett

Dominic Garrett
Dutiful son and acting-CEO of Ken's Symbiogenesis Corporation. To better usher in the Transhuman Project, his father passed him over and named his brother Will as the next CEO. Now, he must decide just how far he'll go to claim what is rightfully his.

- Young Dominic Garrett

Young Dominic Garrett
Young Dominic perpetually teeters at the edge of death due to a rare premature aging syndrome. Although resentful of his brother's health and favored status, he knows that if not for Will's bone marrow donations, he would have been dead years ago.

- Lucas Garrett

Lucas Garrett
Lucas is hiding out in the suburbs with his mother. He remains profoundly autistic and scarred by the virtual mind transfer experiments of 30 years ago.

- Young Lucas Garrett

Young Lucas Garrett
Autistic, eldest son of Ken and Rosemary Garrett. Miraculously acquires the 'Gift of Gab' during mind transfer experimentation with his father, Ken. Lucas' seizures and post-traumatic stress compel Rosemary to flee from Ken's nefarious experimentation.

- Rosemary Garrett

Rosemary Garrett
Troubled ex-wife of Ken Garrett. She atones for the dark sins of her past by running a battered women's shelter. Faked her own death and hasn't seen Will or Dom in thirty years.

- Dr Isaac Spencer

Isaac Spencer
Pioneer in consciousness encoding, storage and transfer. His breakthroughs spawned the sensual entertainment of the Eternity Corporation whose motto is "Reality is obsolete. Live in your fantasies".

- Sean The Assasin

Sean The Assasin
Hired gun with a big chip on his little shoulder. A job's a job but snuffing out Lana and Will has become deliciously personal.

- Simon Visser

Simon Visser
Steely and ruthless CEO of Prometheus Corporation. His business is to make artificial organs with short lifespans and long service contracts. The Transhuman Project threatens his bottom line so steps will be taken...

- Henry Claymore

Henry Claymore
Sadistic 'Igor' to Ken's 'Dr. Frankenstein.' He oversees their illegal and top-secret cloning program. Present the night Lucas gained speech, he'll also be present when Will is hooked up to those same machines.

- Gabriel

Once a street-fighting Humanist, Gabriel is now a trusted member of Henry's team. He keeps the decorpitated heads of billionaires like Alphonso Huntington connected so they can communicate with the real world.

- Trixie

Iconic star of Eternity Corporation's hugely popular franchises: 'Vampiress' and 'Nurse Clyster' Long-time companion of Ken and still intimate with him even though he is cryogenically frozen and near death.

- Bodyguard

The Bodyguard
Straight-shooting kid from the suburbs made good by rising to head the security detail of the Garrett Family. Has a knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

- Dr Kelly

Dr Kelly
Handsome physician who is caring for Ruth, Lana's dying mother. He loves Lana but also serves the interests of Prometheus Corporation and Simon Visser.

- Alphonso Huntington

Alphonso Huntington
Former CEO of the Eternity Corporation. He is now just a 'decorpitated' head floating in a glass cylinder but still communicates with the outside world using consciousness emulation, originally developed by Dr. Isaac Spencer.

- Zen Monk

Zen Monk
Kindly Zen practitioner and friend to Will Garrett.

- Lazertag Kid

Lasertag Kid
Spunky neighborhood kid who will be called upon to take life in order to save it.

Maximum Lifespan is an original 191 page graphic novel in Hardcover and for the iPad. Here's an excerpt from our first review:

"Perhaps what’s most striking about this science fiction parable is just how many ideas Park throws at us. If the story touches on similar themes elsewhere in recent pop culture (The Island, Repo Men) it’s because these themes are not only relevant but likely to impact mankind in our own lifetimes."

-Carl Doherty,


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CONTACT: Dr. Ed Park

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Anti-Aging Expert Dr. Ed Park Releases Full-Color Graphic Novel Maximum Lifespan

In the year 2128, a scientist schemes to re-engineer humanity and escape his own impending death. Can his son stop his father’s quest to recreate man in HIS own image?

Santa Ana, California – Art imitates life in Dr. Ed Park’s newly released Maximum Lifespan. In this fast-paced graphic novel, people live over 160 years due to the invention of a substance that activates telomerase.

In real life, the discovery of telomerase, the DNA repair enzyme for all plants and animals, was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine. What’s more, since 2007, Dr. Park himself has been taking the world’s first telomerase activator, TA-65, which has brought about real life rejuvenation for him and hundreds of others.

Dr. Park’s protagonist in Maximum Lifespan, the troubled William Garrett, is lured to his father's deathbed by the promise of reuniting with an abusive mother whom he hasn't seen since childhood. He is shocked to learn that his parents faked her death to keep their sons from discovering their unspeakably bizarre origins. Now, William must decide whether to risk his own life by trying to resurrect his father, who was on the brink of realizing his lifelong dream of TRANSHUMANISM, the downloading of consciousness to freshly cloned bodies, just before he was frozen into suspended animation.

Maximum Lifespan, which reads more like a sci-fi movie than a typical comic book, explores the ethics of genetic re-engineering and cloning lobotomized humans for replacement parts. After all, biosynthetic organs will be needed to replace the original ones that fail after the first hundred years of life.

Extreme virtual pleasures. Unthinkable experiments. Immortality. As the trailer asks, “What if you held the secret of life? What if you held the secret of death? What if others held the life force that could save you?” In short, how far would you go for your maximum lifespan?

Maximum Lifespan is available at For more information, contact Dr. Park at

# # # Maximum Lifespan by Dr. Ed Park; Fiction; 185 pages; Hard cover; $29.95 and coming in June, 2010; ISBN-13: 978-0-9840594-0-6 [ebook available now]

Author: an anti-aging expert, Dr. Park is offering telomerase activation to the general public at

He is also author of the soon-to-be-released historical novel Hypatia of Alexandria.